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Düsseldorf has long been the favorite German city of Japan. What the Japanese appreciate so much about the location in the heart of Europe, is also attracting more and more companies from the Middle Kingdom. In recent years, Chinese investors have been very active around the metropolis on the Rhine.

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For some years now more and more Chinese companies have been moving to Düsseldorf. By now, the city has developed into the most dynamic China location in Germany: More than 500 Chinese companies are located in the city. In 2016, the metropolitan region even secured the title as a top location for new investments from China. With over 50 investments by Chinese companies, it came even ahead of London. As the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf is both a logistics hub in Europe and an innovative, future-oriented location.

The immediate proximity to other Chinese and international companies throughout North Rhine-Westphalia is a major factor in why more and more companies are choosing a location in Düsseldorf. A few years ago, the technology giant Huawei moved its Western European headquarters from Great Britain to the Rhine. In addition to the direct proximity to Vodafone and E-Plus, the reason for this was the central location in relation to the European market. Düsseldorf lies in the middle of the so-called “blue banana” – the most densely populated zone in Europe. Around 111 million people live within this area, representing around half of Europe’s purchasing power. Ideal starting point for the smartphone manufacturer’s expansion plans, which recently even overtook Apple in its sales figures.

However, the consumer market around Düsseldorf and the high density of innovative German companies and large corporations is not the only reason why the region is attractive for China’s companies and investors. The development of German-Chinese relations in Düsseldorf have accelerated in recent years. This is reflected not only in an above-average number of direct flights but also in cultural matters. For a long time there has been not only the famous Japan Day in Düsseldorf, but also a Chinese dragon festival. This locational advantage for Chinese companies is due to good development work by organizations such as the China Competence Center of the city of Düsseldorf, but also by individual companies, which facilitate the market entry of their Chinese partners in Germany. This support is essential, since the process of successful company development only begins with the selection of a location and fresh capital from China.

One of these companies is BBM Vohren. Managing Director Rudolf Vohren knows how essential the know-how of German experts is to gain a foothold in the German market. He helps Chinese companies to answer important questions and make decisions regarding the establishment or product launch in Germany. This ranges from recruiting specialists to general business development. Also, general industry knowledge, contact to service providers, or information about legal regulations are forms of support from which Chinese companies in Düsseldorf benefit. Many years of experience in the field of corporate development and contacts in the German life science and technology sector offer great potential for economically attractive synergies with Chinese partners. The introduction of companies into important economic networks has thus itself become a service whose value Düsseldorf has recognized.  In the end, both sides benefit from China’s new favorite city – directly on the Rhine.

by Julia Arndt

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