The power of affordable high-tech for people with disabilities

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The power of affordable high-tech for people with disabilities

The WHO estimates that 15% of the world’s population suffers from disabilities. About 75 million of them depend on a wheelchair to cope with movement disorders.

This number will increase significantly due to a growing aging population, increasing chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders such as obesity.

Professor Stephen W Hawking said, “disability need not be an obstacle to success”.

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In fact, there are already a wide range of assistive devices to help people with a disability. However, the usefulness of these devices is often limited to allow full participation in educational, working and social life, thus reducing dependence and isolation.

Fortunately, the integration of high-tech additions to the existing devices can significantly improve their functionality. This context can be illustrated very nicely on wheelchairs and the smart stair-climber device of Wheelstair.

Wheelchairs have proven to be very useful mobility aids. They are available in many different versions: Standard models that provide basic care, multifunctional and wheelchairs for various sports or electrically powered wheelchairs for people who have little strength.

Unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot cope with stairs and similar obstacles, which greatly limits the freedom of movement. Special vehicles are required but, they are very expensive, heavy, clumsy, and perform a low maneuverability. In addition, most of them require the presence of an assistant. Especially, if the wheelchair user has to change vehicles.

Wheelstair was founded in Warsaw in 2016  by a team of socially committed engineers. Based on their own experience with disabled people, they have set themselves the goal of helping wheelchair users to move freely and participate in life on equal terms. Their first product is an intelligent caterpillar device that can be connected to any wheelchair.

Sophisticated mechanics and intelligent electrical controls allow the user to drive this patented device completely autonomously. Furthermore, it is  handy and can be used even in narrow stairwells.

The particularly good news is that Wheelstair’s team has succeeded on offering their patented device at only a fraction of the usual prices for special climbing vehicles.

Even wheelchair users who are not wealthy can now increase their freedom of mobility.

BBM Vohren advises the Wheelstair team on fundraising and market introduction.

by Rudolf Schulze Vohren

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