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Welcome to BBM Vohren

BBM Vohren GmbH is an independent consulting company. Since 2004 we have been supporting our customers in their business and corporate development.

Our projects focus on business development and new venture in research- and knowledge-intensive industries.

We work internationally. Our success is based on many years of practical project experience in Germany, Europe, China, Asia, Latin America and the U.S.

Our backbone is a network that has grown over the years with good relationships to leading companies, investors and research institutes.


Business development, understood as business field and company development, is a key component of our work.

Our procedure is based on a systematic search for new customers, markets, products, technologies, and cooperation partners.

We particularly value a creative connection to existing know-how and consistently implementing measures that are appropriate for the situation.

Focus areas:

  • Growth strategies
  • Market analysis
  • Technology scouting
  • Market entry
  • Internationalization
  • Risk management
  • Business representative office

We help scientists, founders and investors to build and manage new companies. A demanding task where a multitude of aspects to be considered: scientific, technical, regulatory, legal, market and application-related ones.

It is important for us to integrate the expertise of many different players into efficient cooperation networks, including founders, technology suppliers, investors, service providers, vendors and end-users.

Focus areas:

  • Business plan
  • Fundraising
  • M&A support
  • Finance management & controlling
  • Organization
  • Investor relations
  • Interim management

Digitalization allows for process innovations and new business models and alters the DNA of nearly every industry. We help our customers take advantage of digitalization opportunities at an early stage for the development of their business field.

Together with our experts, we develop well-conceived digital business strategies, practical execution concepts, and we are able to handle important tasks that are critical to success.

Focus areas:

  • Know-how analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Innovation management
  • Transformation diagnosis
  • Digital business models


Highly innovative start-ups, research organizations, medium-sized innovation leaders and international corporations from the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry, diagnostics, nanotechnology, medical technology and pharma have entrusted us with their projects. Furthermore, we are mandated by investors, M&A consultations and non-profit organizations.

Here is an excerpt of our projects:

  • Artificial intelligence / B2B Logistics

    Support in building a digital platform company that can structure and automate thousands of suppliers’ product data using artificial intelligence.

  • Market analysis / medical technology

    Coordination of a comprehensive competitive analysis for transfusion products in the European market including analysis of up- and downstream processes.

  • Business presence / non-profit organization

    Long-standing representative office in Germany and business development for a leading global research and membership organization.

  • Technology scouting / digitalization

    Supported an international scientific study to influence digital transformation through interviews with German opinion leaders.

  • Financing / biotech

    Advised a European vaccine startup in early-stage financing, including revision of business plans, creation of a teaser and investor presentation along with selecting investors and preparation for meetings with investors.

  • Market entry / IVD

    Participation and operative business development management for a young company in in-vitro diagnostics.

  • Go-to-Market / pharma

    Assisted with the European market launch for several years, including market access for a drug/device medical product.

  • M&A / pharma

    Assisted a buy-side client from the European generics industry with an analysis of the purchase object, reaching out to purchase object partners and organizing the first meetings.

  • Fundraising / medtech

    Growth financing advising for a U.S. medtech company and capital acquisition from private equity and strategic investors from China.

  • Finance management & controlling / medtech

    Participation and temporary CFO management for a highly innovative German medical technology company, including an exit preparation.

  • Business plan / healthcare

    Participation and design of company structure along with operational business development for a healthcare service company.




Rudolf Schulze Vohren

Managing Director
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Intern. Business Development
New Ventures

Dr Rita Schulze Vohren - BBM
Dr Rita Schulze Vohren - BBM

Dr. Rita Schulze Vohren

Senior Consultant
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Customer Development
Art Workshops


Julia Arndt

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Marius Bartos

Project Manager
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Digital Business Development


We look forward to hearing from you!

BBM Vohren GmbH
Life Science Center
Merowinger Platz 1
40225 Düsseldorf
+49 211 54241712

    BBM Vohren GmbH
    Life Science Center
    Merowinger Platz 1
    40225 Düsseldorf
    +49 211 54241712